Water Works Hair Color Review


Although most who color their hair find it so important that they would be willing to endure the hassles for the sake of covering roots and greys, consumers are always looking for hair color that is easier and more convenient to use. The main complaint about boxed hair color, or any hair dye for that matter, is the offensive smell. Since many hair colors use ammonia to swell the hair’s cuticle in order for the color to penetrate the hair, the overpowering ammonia smell can make a hair coloring experience very unpleasant. People also often complain about the peroxide component of hair dye. Peroxide acts as an oxidizer to remove existing hair dye before the new color is deposited. It also can create an unpleasant smell. The peroxide component of the hair color must also be used with great care, as it can be quite messy if spilled, bleaching fabrics and also being harsh if left on the skin or certain bathroom surfaces.

Water Works Color has addressed both of the common complaints in an at-home hair dye. Completely free of ammonia and messy liquid peroxide, Waterworks Powder Color, colors the hair with vibrant shiny hair color while leaving it smooth and soft. With no harsh odors, this dye is gentle enough to be used on chemically-treated hair, and effectively covers grey with permanent hair dye.

Water Works color stays in until it grows out or until the hair is cut. Its unique powder formula is made up of high-quality tiny molecules that penetrate the cortex of the hair where is then expands to permanently dye the hair. Water Works is great for tinting or correcting color as it softly and naturally adds beautiful color to the hair in a quick and easy process. The soft wash of color is perfect for brightening or enhancing one’s natural color or for restoring color that has been faded out by the sun or chlorine swimming pools.

Typical boxed hair colors contain multiple steps with runny, messy liquids. Water Works Hair Dye only requires the mixing of plain water with the powdered hair color. The chemicals, including peroxide, are in the powder, so hair can be easily colored with soft and beautiful color. Fresh color is mixed prior to each use, ensuring the most gorgeous salon-quality results in the comfort and convenience of the home.

Water Works Dye comes in multiple shades, each with beautiful shine and dimension, for the most natural looking color. All Water Works dyes have gold or violet bases, ensuring that color does not come out with any green casts or undertones.

The same long lasting and stunning results can be obtained with less hassle, odor, or mess than typical at-home hair dyes. When boxed hair color becomes a dreaded task, the simple process required with Water Works Color is a welcome change.

Source by Kellilynn Marie

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