Tips to be followed in the winter season to protect hair

Tips to be followed in the winter season to protect hairHair gets affected by the seasonal and atmospheric changes very easily. That’s the reason why when the weather or seasonal changes occur or exposed to polluted environment, hair fall occurs very quickly. Here are some useful tips to avoid the common mistakes which we all do in winter.

  1. In winter, we all love to have hot water bath. Instead of keeping your head under boiling hot water for ten to fifteen minutes, take lukewarm water bath under the shower. Extremely hot water absorbs moisture from scalp and skin and this may result in hair fall eventually.
  2. You need to take special care on your dressing during winter. Wearing a hat prevents hair from extremely cold conditions and also reduces the ill effects of winter on your hair considerably. It is better to prefer hats made of cotton rather than acrylic or wool in winter.
  3. Though there is no direct relationship between drinking water and hair growth; hair fall can be linked to dehydrated skin as we usually drink less water in winter.
  4. Before going to the bath, apply Vitamin E oil or olive oil to the scalp. These oils help in moisturizing the dry hair, which is very much necessary in winter.

  1. Dry and itchy scalp is also very common in winter season. If you are suffering from this problem, apply tea tree oil on the scalp for twenty to thirty minutes and wash with lukewarm water. Repeat this twice a week and if you are still facing the problem, contact a dermatologist or medical expert immediately.
  2. In winter, it is better to shampoo every other day or once in three days. Shampoo takes away the moisture from every hair strand and shampooing everyday can cause more harm than you think. Don’t forget to apply conditioner after taking bath.
  3. Use wide tooth comb in winter and don’t blow your hair by keeping the hair dryer at higher temperatures. This may lead to breakage and can cause other damages like aging, dandruff etc.
  4. Irrespective of the season, it is a better practice to keep your hair healthy and clean.
  5. In winter, the scalp dries very easily and it becomes difficult to produce essential natural oils on scalp. This makes the hair static and to overcome this, prefer any oil which has Vitamin E in it and apply it every day before going to bed.
  6. Instead of using metal or plastic combs, prefer natural brushes. Using natural boar bristle brush is ideal in winter or you can prefer any other brush made up of natural bristles.
  7. Keeping your hair short during winter is also a god idea. Regular trimming helps in removing the dry and dead hair ends and helps in healthy hair growth.
  8. In winter, prefer shampoo which doesn’t contain any sulfates. They will make your hair appear dull. If your scalp is flaky, prefer medicated shampoos or shampoos containing salicylic acid.

Follow these tips during winter season and you will surely observe major changes in your hair growth pattern.

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