Super solano 3700 moda professional hair dryer reviews

Super solano 3700 moda professional
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Latest hair dryer and their versatile use for hair styling

The lasts hair dryer like Super solano 3700 can do wonders on your hair. They are not just hair dryers, they can use as a hair styling tool too. This you can witness from any of the modern salon nearby you. Since a modern hair stylist, not only dry our hair but also shape them to the desired hairstyle pattern while blowing hot air on your hairs. You can look those gorgeous healthy hairs when they finish hair drying. This is due to the combing along with blowing make them possible to bring those desired hairstyle patterns. You can also try at home and see the difference.

Features of Super Solano 3700 hair dryer

Maker: Solano is a renowned salon tools manufacturer based on Italy.

Model No. M3700

Model name: 3700 Moda

Color: Black

Size: Handy 8 X 2.5 X 8.8 Inches

Weight: 1.2 pounds

Power: 1875 watts, the specialty of this motor is hand crafted in Italy. This is famous for long lasting when comes to professional use in salon, beauty parlor and by professional hair stylist.

Accessories: It comes with two nozzles of small and big size as detachable.

Ease for professional use

super solano hair dryerThe Super Solano 3700 is best for professional use. It has a 12 feet long cable wire to dry their clients hair at the salon chair or standing nearby free space for those who have very long hair. This long wire is suitable for drying their clients who have very long hair. The M3700 is very handy that they never make a hair stylist tiered soon. They have two buttons on the handgrip to control the fans speed. These are set to high and low hot air blow.

Hair drying: Its 1875 watts power is more than enough to dry normal hair very quickly. However, they are best to use for bushy and lengthy hair. They just dry away very soon than a conventional low wattage drier do. Since, any professional hair stylist will first washes their clients hair before applying their hairstyle skills.

Hair styling: The air blow out in the speed of 50 mph that they are free from bond and tangling. All hair just flows freely and one can see the strands clearly. The hair stylists do shape up your hair while combing them. You must notice that you can have a bushy look of your hair before they apply with hair cosmetics. This is the secret of Super Solano 3700 hair dryer. You can also try this at home by yourself. However, you can try very few hair pattern of free style only. It needs an assistance to blow air complete and shape the pattern of hair you wish to have it. Naturally, your hair looks gorgeous after hair drying. This is also a style, which naturally slim down from bushy looks.

Best for domestic use

The Super Solano 3700 is also useful for householders. This is best where working members are there in your home and they just want to rush to their workplace after having a bath. The latest M 3700 can dry their hair quickly and they can go as fresh every day. This is also best to use for schoolchildren. Since, getting them ready is a big task in the morning and if they took a complete bath, the hair drying is necessary or they may end up with cold and cough. The Solano 3700 is best for the school going girl child to get dry their hair very quickly. Hence, it does serve the entire family for drying their hair with the latest hair dryer. This is affordable and long lasting too. It is advisable to keep it at distance when you use it for teenage children.

Availability: The Super Solano 3700 is available in major retail stores of hair cosmetic stores and salon product stores. It is advisable to shop online to avail them at discount price. Since they offer many daily discounts to hair tools products. They also provide you free shipments. When you buy online, they will deliver the good from a nearest storage place. In this way, you can get a damage free product. They online search will give you about product reviews and you can compare the price with other brands.   

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