Native Flowers of Peru

Peru is a nation situated in the continent of South America. The history of the country dates back to the Incas. The country has a diverse climate due to which, one can come across various native flower varieties in the country. Many non-native varieties of flowers also grow in the country. Information regarding some of the native flowers of Peru can be found below.


Cantuta is the national flower of Peru and is known as the “sacred flower of the Incas”. This is quite a beautiful flower and is available in various colors including yellow, pink and purple. Cantuta tricolor, which has red and yellow petals with a base of green, is associated with an Incan Legend. The legend is about two kings, their sons, forgiveness and revenge. The flower’s yellow and red petals represent the two sons and the green base represents hope.


It is also known four o’clock and marvel-of-Peru. The flower comes in red, white, yellow, pink and magenta and is trumpet shaped. Sometimes, more than one color of flower can be found growing in the same plant. The flower has a mild scent and grows either singly or in clusters. The flower is quite short-lived as it blooms in the evening and wilts the following morning. However, the plant gives flowers throughout the summer.


It is also known as hanging lobster’s claw. The plant originated in Peru and Ecuador. The blooming period of rostrata is from the end of June to mid-September. It has red bracts with yellow tips which make it look like a parrot’s beak. That is why it is called ‘Rostrata’ which means ‘beaked’ in Latin.


Orchid is popular as a houseplant throughout the world. The flower grows naturally in the wetter areas of Peru. Various varieties of orchid can be found in the San Martin area of Peru.

Peruvian Lily

This flower is native to South America but has become quite popular in many other countries as well. It comes in a rainbow of colors including pink, yellow, white and orange. The flower is known universally as a symbol of friendship and devotion.

Potato Flower

Potato is a well known vegetable but the plant produces beautiful flowers as well. The potato flower is a small and delicate flower and comes in hues of purple, white and pink. Marie Antoinette, the queen of France, wore potato flowers in her hair. Potatoes are grown in abundance in Peru and are its major export. Thus, one can find this flower in various parts of the country.

Source by Asma A Mohiuddin

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