Hair Weave – How to Maintain Your Own Hair Weave


We’ve all been there. Its three o’clock on a Saturday afternoon and you receive an invitation to a sold out concert that begins at seven-thirty that evening. You have the perfect outfit – the only problem: YOUR HAIR. It’s too late to get an appointment with your stylist, so what’s a girl to do? Do it yourself – it’s easier than you think.

Maybe you received a text from that guy you have a big crush on, asking if you want to meet him for a drink later that evening. Wouldn’t it be great if you could walk in rockin’ new hair extensions? You can, just do it yourself.

A hair weave is a non-invasive way to change your appearance, whether you are changing color, texture, length or fullness. However, it is imperative that you take precautions to minimize the risk of damaging your natural hair and scalp. It is completely possible to wear the latest celebrity styles without the damaging effects of chemicals and excessive heat.

I was terrified the first time I attempted weave my own hair (but I found an excellent step-by-step guide that I downloaded from the internet). My first concern was how would I look? Secondly, I wanted to protect and grow my own hair while wearing the weave. While it wasn’t perfect the first time, it turned out much better than I expected. The more I practiced, the better my result. Now my hair looks better than some of my friends who pay a professional stylist hundreds of dollars. If can do it…you can too.

In addition to learning to style your hair on the fly, imagine how much money you could save if you learned to service your own hair. At a cost of $20-$60 to tighten tracks every couple of weeks, you could actually save quite a bit of money.

The basic steps are simple:

1. Select your style and purchase the hair that will give you the desired result. Human hair is always best.

2. Prepare your hair by removing any existing tracks or braids.

3. Shampoo, condition and dry your hair.

4. Select a braiding pattern that will work with your desired style, working around any side part or bangs.

5. Braid your hair and secure the braid to prevent unraveling.

6. Finally, complete the track by attaching the hair to your braid.

7. Once the hair is securely attached, go out and get a professional cut. If you attempt to cut your own hair, it will likely look unnatural.

If you perfect these tips your hair will last and be flawless! For those who already have a hair weave following are a few simple tips to keep your style looking fresh:

1. Learn to brush your hair while holding the track close to the head with one hand. This prevents unnecessary pulling and tugging that will prematurely loosen the weave.

2. To maintain the bounce and shine, shampoo each week (never go longer than two weeks) and avoid alcohol based hair care products.

3. Thoroughly brush your hair before shampooing to remove all tangles, be sure to lift each track up and rinse out all residue buildup.

4. At bedtime wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf. Cotton pillowcases and sheets may adversely affect the shine of your hair.

Finally, listed below are a few Do’s and Dont’s that will keep you on track:

• DO – Purchase quality hair. If your hair does not “move” when you walk, you are either wearing synthetic hair (non-human) or you have not washed your hair in more than 10 days.

• DON’T – Don’t use too much hair. In order to maintain a natural looking style, never use more than two bags of hair on your head at once.

• DO – Cleanse regularly. If you want to keep the natural shine and bounce in your hair, shampoo and conditioner each week.

• DON’T – Don’t braid your hair too tightly. Remember precise braiding makes the style last – not pulling hard from the scalp. Pulling too hard from the scalp only leads to pain and hair loss.

• DO – Service your weave regularly. It is important to tighten and service your weave on a regular basis. This will prevent the wigish look that develops as the tracks in very front and very back begin to loosen.

• DON’T – Please, say NO to glue. To protect and maintain your natural hair while wearing a weave, opt for a sewn in hair weave as opposed to bonding.

• DO – Cover your tracks. Be sure to leave enough of your natural hair out in the crown of your head to blend with and cover your tracks. This creates a more natural look.

• DON’T – Don’t explain. When someone gives you a compliment – just say THANKS. Please do not explain that it’s a weave.

A great new hairstyle will build your confidence and can literally change your life. Remember – Hair does matter!

Source by Elaine A.

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