Hair dryer with brush attachment!

Hair dryers with brush attachment have become popular both with styling professionals and for home usage, because they make hair-styling so easier and faster. Because the name implies, this kind of hairdryer includes a removable brush. When fitted with a brush, the hair allows you to style and dry your own hair simultaneously, similar to a regular heat brush dryer. Once the attachment is removed, these devices may be used by you as a normal hair dryer.


There are several forms of hair dryers with brush attachments. Some models have a single brush attachment, although some include combs also, nozzle, and diffuser. Many include speed and temperature settings. Some have a cold air blast setting for setting a hairstyle set up. Some have a dual voltage plug so that you can utilize it anywhere you go. Charges for hair dryers with brush attachments vary.

There are several reasons why hair dryers with brush attachments are very popular for salon or home styling. They are:

1. Versatile. You may use a hair dryer with brush in two ways. One, you may use it as a hot brush dryer. This way, you can decrease the right effort and time allocated to styling the hair. You don’t need to hold a brush in another hand and a hair dryer however anymore. Two, it could be utilized by you a normal hairdryer. Take away the attachment and begin drying blowing your own hair simply.

2. Useful. The brush attachment may be used to remove tangles and knots from wet hair, too, therefore ready your hair for styling.

3. Timesaving. Hair dryers with brush reduces the quantity of time you may spend styling your own hair.

4. Effective. Hair dryers with brush attachment allow you to achieve salon results without likely to the salon and without paying a salon price.

Conair IonShine Dryer

FORMS OF Brush Attachments For Hair Dryers

There are several kinds and sizes of brush attachments to pick from. Pick the brush that fits the kind of your own hair best and also the hairstyle you need to achieve.

• Half-round brush attachment. That is useful for straightening curls, if you have permed hair, you might consider this kind of brush attachment then. Half-round brush can be a great choice for folks with fine hair since it gives hair a good start.

• Standard round brush. This brush makes it simple to generate curls and waves. Round brushes may be used to straighten hair also.

• Crimper. That is ideal for creating curls.

• Folding bristle brush. This brush may be used to detangle knots in addition to make curls.

Brush attachments for hair dryers vary in the material and technology used also. Some brushes use ceramic technology, which emits negative ions in to the air to be able to repair damaged strands also to eliminate frizz and fly away.

Tourmaline technology emits an greater amount of negative ions than ceramic even. When searching for brush attachment, check the specifications to make sure you obtain a compatible item.

Style your own hair with the Conair Ion Shine dryer easily. It includes a thermal styling brush and 2 styling comb attachments. You’re helped by these accessories detangle, sculpt and add body to your own hair while drying. It has 2 heat settings for easy control and omfort. The cool-shot button locks your preferred style set up. The double-port ionic delivery system reduces frizz and improves sheen. Delivers 1875-watts of power. Perfect for all hair types.
1,875 watts with double-port ionic delivery system
2 heat/speed settings
Cool Shot button to lock style set up
Thermal styling brush and 2 comb attachments
Dual voltage for worldwide travel.


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