Do you know how the hair dryer really works?

Hair Dryer became a common electronic device nowadays and seen in almost every house. When the hair dryers were first introduced in 1920, they were really big in size and several people were electrocuted by dropping them into water accidently. After 1991, the use of GFCI became common and even if you drop the modern hair dryers into water, the circuit automatically trips and hair dryer reviews may get damaged but it won’t cause any fatal harm. Have you ever wanted to know how this portable electronic product which dries your hair quickly is able to blow hot air without burning the scalp?


As you know, the basic hair dryer has two controls, one to control the power supply (on or off) and the other is to control the air flow. Some of the advanced models have another control through which you can control the temperature of air flow. The hair dryer works on the principle of hot air can help with evaporation faster. If hot air is blown through the water molecules, the bonds between the water molecules breaks faster and get converted into the gaseous state quickly. To be frank, the concept of hair dryer hasn’t changed over years and even the latest hair dryers are equipped with the same components i.e. a fan and a heating circuit.

When you switch “ON”, the current first passes through the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter and then the current is supplied to heating element. All the basic hair dryers use nichrome wire as the heating element which is a bad conductor of electricity. Nichrome alloy coils are also used in several other day to day appliances like bread toasters, iron boxes, etc. Its non-oxidization property is the main reason for using it in a wide range of electronic appliances. The heat generated from the nichrome circuit is transferred to the air taken inside and the air cycle allows the air not to get overheated. The fan sucks air into the dryer and filters are used and because of this, except air no other things, including dust, tiny hair strands can go inside. Ceramic coating heats air more evenly and this is seen in modern hair dryers.


A small fan which resembles turbine in shape is used in most of the hair dryers. This fan is attached to a small motor and the fan draws the air into the hair dryer by its centrifugal force through the small inlets provided. The speed of the fan is controlled by a motor which works proportionally to the current supplied. Thus the speed of the fan can be controlled. The fan in the hair dryer uses electric energy and responsible for air flow. Advanced hair dryers boast of ionized particles and they blow charged ion particles instead along with hot air and these charged particles help in drying the hair more quickly. Ion generators are placed inside the hair dryer and some companies are even claiming that Ion particles also help in making hair look shiny and smooth.

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