Have you ever tried to clean your hair dryer?

Have you ever tried to clean your hair dryer?Though hair dryer was introduced less than 100 years ago, it became a compulsory item for every household. Hair dryers became so cheap and we don’t bother about buying a new one if the hair dryer is unable to perform like we expected. However, if you clean your hair dryer regularly its life span can be increased significantly and you won’t observe any difference in its performance even after five years also. It is always better to buy a premium hair dryer and if you clean it regularly (at least once in eight weeks), it will surely work forever. Most of the women don’t even know how to clean their hair dryers. Apart from a soft cloth, brush and tooth pick you don’t need anything and it hardly takes ten minutes.

In every hair dryer, a small fan will be there and the centrifugal force of it sucks the air through the small inlets and the heated air comes through the nozzle. Small filters are arranged so that hair strands, dust, etc. won’t get into the unit while the fan is sucking the air. Over a period of time, these filters get accumulated with dust and if not cleaned properly, sometimes the hair dryer may shoot flames and become fatal.

To clean your hair dryer, first unplug it. First of all, you have to locate the air intake. In most of the cases, it is at the back end of the hair dryer and usually covered with a grill. Remove the grill and if you had not cleaned your hair dryer till now, the filters will be loaded with dust, hair tips strands, and look filthy. For some hair dryer models, you need a screwdriver to remove the grill. There is no big logic needed to open the grill and the process is self-explanatory. Remove all the dirt with a paper towel or soft cloth and it won’t take more than two minutes.

Now, with the help of a brush or toothpick, remove the particles and hair strands that stick to the filters. Used toothbrushes can do a good job here and by brushing it back and forth, the filters will get cleaned. Though some experts recommend using different solutions and lotions, they are not really necessary if you periodically clean the dryer. If you clean dryer periodically, it will last for more than ten years and once again, you can buy the premium model. Anyways new technologies are coming in electronic devices, including hair dryers so quickly and no one is using any electronic device for more than five years.

Before starting the cleaning process, one must follow some basic precautions. As already mentioned the first thing is unplugging the device. It is not recommended to open the hair dryer just after blowing your hair. Once you properly cleaned the dryer, check whether you had placed all the things (especially filters) properly before switching on the device. If you observe any abnormal sounds or flames when you first plug the device after cleaning, switch off the main supply and unplug the device immediately.

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