Advantages and interesting facts about babyliss pro porcelain ceramic

In olden days people avoid using hair dryers because they worry about hair damage and split ends .But today the new varieties of hair dryers promises to deliver the air without damaging the hair. These dryers are built with special technology that provides cool air in every usage. Recently introduced babyliss dryers will also come under the category because they are built with ceramic body which helps to provide gentle heat by reducing the effect of infrared rays. The dryers utilize overall reduced voltage but provide efficient working capacity to the user.

The babyliss pro porcelain ceramic has a thousand nine hundred watts ionic technology which is built with commercial grade porcelain ceramic which can produce high heat and increased air pressure. It has six speed heat settings which can help us to adjust the temperature of the heat delivered by the dryer. The cool shot present in the dryer helps to deliver cool air instead of hot air and it can be used when needed. The soft touch and rubberized hosing help us to handle the dryer easily and make us to do any kind of style without any worries. The filter in it can be removed and cleaned easily without much struggle the filter is used to purify the dust in the air and helps to deliver clean and neat air in every usage.

The dryer has efficient ionic technology which helps to emit negative ions and eliminates the static. It also reduces the drying time and provides faster and cleaner air easily and the ceramic in it helps to deliver infrared heat which helps to prevent hair luster. Therefore people who want to experiment different hairstyles can try this dryer and feel the difference every day. By using this dryer we can save our dense and even improve our hair growth.

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Babyliss pro porcelain ceramic specifications

babyliss pro porcelain ceramicThe product is available in the dimensions of 9.8 inches and it weighs about 2.2 pounds the shipping weight will come around 2.4 pounds along with the package. The product is domestically available in United States people who are present outside United States have to book in an ecommerce website that all provides free shipping. The product has been rated as best for all customers and still now more than thousands of people are using this device worldwide. The product comes with a warranty period and people can claim the warranty at any time when they face damage in their product.

Advantages of porcelain ceramic

The babyliss pro porcelain ceramic has a heavy duty motor which offers faster heat in every usage and the product comes with the retail price of about sixty four dollars which is very less when compared with other dryers. The warranty period provided by the manufacturer is three years and within the warranty period we can claim our damage very easily by contacting their customer service centre number. Thus why waiting for go ahead and get your device today and enjoy its advantages.

See price and customer reviews

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