Babylis Pro BABTT5585 Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer + review

Babylis Pro BABTT5585 Tourmaline Titanium 3000
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Hair dryers are found in different types and thereby confuse the people to choose the best one in the market. They can simply sit and research on a good dryer, or get into action by purchasing a Babylis Pro Tourmaline Titanium Dryer. It has all the features of a top end product while still priced to that of a lower end product. People would not only find their hair to be smoother and silkier by using this product, but also ensure that they have a neatly maintained hair which is actually frizz and also static free. This is achieved by incorporating the tourmaline technology used in this product.

Basic features available in this product

People can find different kinds of facilities that are prebuilt in this product. The most useful factor is the temperature and also the speed setting. There are 3 different temperature settings that are present in this product namely hot, warm and cool. People who wish to dry their hair can make use of the warm temperature. Those who wish to have a better and relaxed feel by using this product can make use of the hot setting. And those who wish to set the current hair style quickly and effortlessly can opt to use the cool temperature. It is advised that those who wish to use the cool feature use only if they do not get affected by headaches, as using this under a wet head may cause such issues for those who are susceptible to such health factors. It also boasts of 2 speeds namely low and high, determining the speed at which the air should flow through.

Features that make this product a great purchase

People can buy the Babylis Pro Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer without any worry about the density of their hair or other issues. This product provides far IR heat, preventing hair fall as would be the case in other products. People who wish to channelize the air or heat flow to a particular region of their hair can also make use of a concentrator nozzle that comes in the box along with this product. This ensures a better and higher airflow to a smaller region of the hair, which can actually be helpful for those with longer and denser hair. This product can be effective in drying even a person with long hair in a matter of 15 minutes, without causing any damage to the motor. And about the motor, runs on a powerful and yet a silent motor which does not cause any humming in their ears after they are done the drying process. The product by itself is lightweight and also comes with a long power cord and also a good grip, helping the user to use it without any difficulty or strain to their hand and wrist. It can also be helpful for people who would like to have a diffuser attached to it for easy and even spreading through it.

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