Getting best hair dryer for fine hair

The use of hair dryer is very popular in these days because of many reasons. One of the major reasons behind that is to dry hairs quickly in the busy life. If you don’t want to keep wet hair and don’t even want to use a hair dryer, you need to keep you out of […]

Follow these natural tips to get healthy, shiny and silky hair

The look of a man or woman heavily depends on their hair cut. Though bald head is suitable in some cases, most of the times it looks ugly and awkward. In general, women take care of their hair cautiously whereas men usually ignore it. In the earlier days pollution levels are low and there is […]

Have you ever tried to clean your hair dryer?

Though hair dryer was introduced less than 100 years ago, it became a compulsory item for every household. Hair dryers became so cheap and we don’t bother about buying a new one if the hair dryer is unable to perform like we expected. However, if you clean your hair dryer regularly its life span can […]

Mistakes all of us commonly make while using hair dryers

Hair Dryer is commonly seen in every house these days. Though we use this portable machine regularly, we usually make some silly mistakes and regret later on. Here is the list of errors which are commonly done by women while using hair dryers. After bathing if you directly blow your hair, this will surely harm […]

Do you know how the hair dryer really works?

Hair Dryer became a common electronic device nowadays and seen in almost every house. When the hair dryers were first introduced in 1920, they were really big in size and several people were electrocuted by dropping them into water accidently. After 1991, the use of GFCI became common and even if you drop the modern […]

Tips to be followed in the winter season to protect hair

Hair gets affected by the seasonal and atmospheric changes very easily. That’s the reason why when the weather or seasonal changes occur or exposed to polluted environment, hair fall occurs very quickly. Here are some useful tips to avoid the common mistakes which we all do in winter. In winter, we all love to have […]

Advantages and interesting facts about babyliss pro porcelain ceramic

In olden days people avoid using hair dryers because they worry about hair damage and split ends .But today the new varieties of hair dryers promises to deliver the air without damaging the hair. These dryers are built with special technology that provides cool air in every usage. Recently introduced babyliss dryers will also come […]